Valoran (Le Ripperino)

Those who knock live. (He didn't knock)


Race: Human
Class: Monk
Age: 27
Sex: Male
Height: 5’6"
Weight: 155lb
Skin colour: Tanned
Hair: Short Black
Eyes: Redish Green


Valk Ora Nassgul (Valoran) comes from a monastery just east of Morningcrest. He grew up inside its walls knowing full well of the war was raging outside. Though this did not seem to faze Valoran as he took did no notice of its existence instead he was more focused on his study of martial arts and studying the ways of the evil cults (religions) becoming engulfed with hatred at the heresies they teach, preach and the suffering they cause to the world.

His fighting skill grew to where the other students could not land a blow and he could fight his master on even ground. However his soul was not balanced and the knowledge he carried weighted heavily on his mind causing him to be harsh, blunt and very dangerous to the other students.
Therefore, Head Monk Toran Mitus decided to send Valoran on a quest. This quest was to destroy a great evil that had taken hold. Once he had sought out he could not come back until his objective was complete, banishment would be the punishment for disobeying.

Toran told Valoran that he start his search in Sharn as it would provide him with a whole new experience and some clues to his ultimate objective.

Valoran does not care for the disputes of countries, though if their polices employ evil religious practices he will carry a unwavering hatred against them however only the keenest of eyes or the heat of battle can find this beneath his calm exterior. His in-depth knowledge of cults, zealots and their deitys.

“Your flame has dulled. This experience will show you how life is outside of this safety net. Your flame will brighten when your eyes are opened to what you are missing” -Toran Mitus

Valoran (Le Ripperino)

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