Anwyn Hier


Race: Human
Class: Paladin
Age: 28
Sex: Female
Height: 6’0"
Weight: 176lb
Skin: Dark
Hair: Long, Silver
Eyes: Gold
Blood type: AB+


Anwyn hails from Thrane, where she was left orphaned as a newborn and taken into the care of the silver flame, where she grew up with their doctrines and ideals. Once she came of age it was only natural for her to take up arms as a squire, training underneath the man who effectively raised her and took her into the church. Her first true battle came when she was 19, when Karrnathian soldiers took the life of her master and father figure. The sight of all she held dear being slaughtered before her effectively steeled her, closed her up to others. He was the closest thing to family she had, he was the only person she felt any love for.

It was from there that her youth disappeared, her usual bright happy demeanor fading. Her distinction of Paladin of the Silver flame meant nothing, just a simple title. Yet she vowed to seek evil out, and destroy it at all costs. As far as she knew, it was naught but evil that struck her master down in the war. She was consumed in hatred for Karrnath, and went into a steady downward spiral until she was forced by the church to take a squire on.

Oddly, the experience of caring for and training another person brought her back from being lost to bloodlust and battle, she regained some of her old personality, the pain of losing someone so dear slowly being dulled by her charge, a young boy with nothing but hope in his eyes and determination to fight for king and country. She found great pride in him and his ability, and in return for her training in martial ways, he taught her to open up and feel once more. Affection was now a tangible, understandable thing for Anwyn again.

She had let someone in for the first time in years, and she returned to her former self ever so slightly. Fortunately the war did not take her companion from her, and she saw him reach the rank of paladin, and even templar at a later date. Anwyn personally felt that staying a simple Paladin was best for her, she was devoted to the cause of removing evil, but she did not want to see the loss of any more life, especially that of her companion.

At 28 years old, her hatred for Karrnath starting to wane at the end of the war, she has made for the city of Sharn at the behest of the church of the Silver Flame to inspect strange happenings regarding necromancy…

Rumours abound back in Thrane that Anwyn has forsook the Silver Flame. News that one particular person has not taken lightly…

“But mother would never…!”

Anwyn Hier

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