A cat, who may not be all she seems...


Cat Form
Name: Isis
Sex: Female
Height: 1’2"
Weight: 5lb
Skin: ?
Coat: Grey, Black Patches
Eyes: Green

Human Form
Name: Jess
Sex: Female
Height: 3’8"
Weight: 52lb
Skin: Tawny Brown
Hair: Grey, Black Patches
Eyes: Green


As a Tibbit, Bella lived a lot of her early life with her original “owners”, keeping to herself as a cat does. She was raised well, and loved her family.

As she matured, she started to develop a desire to see what was beyond the walls she had been enclosed in all her life. One day, when her interest in the world grew strongest, she decided to leave her “family” and travel far and wide, searching for interesting sights.

Whilst travelling, she came across a merchant group fending off some bandit raiders. In her haste to assist the merchants in defending themselves from the bandits, she failed to spot one of the raiders sneaking up behind her. She received a near deadly wound, which almost killed her. Thankfully, the merchants were able to fend off the remaining attackers, and once done, stabilised her.

She travelled with the merchants while she recovered, learning the tricks of the trade and making some friends along the way. Once she had recovered, she parted ways with the group, with promises to one day meet back up with them.

After parting ways, she travelled to Sharn, in the hopes that something would happen that could keep her interest. Strangely enough, something did happen soon after she entered Middle Sharn, with a large metal structure falling from the sky and crashing in front of her…


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