She is a chef in training from the far west, she is a vegetarian that hates all humans who eat meat.


Name: Rubella
Sex: Female
Age: 19
Race: Kobold
Height: 2’0"
Weight: 35 lb
Hair: Long Blue
Skin: Dark Green
Eyes: Bluish Green

She wears ragged traveler’s clothes with cooking wares all over her backpack.
Takes offence to everything. Irritable. Hates most men.

She want to become the most famous chef in all of Khorvaire and denoune meat altogether.


Rubella loves cooking, its her passion and her life. When he was 6, she found a travelling woman who had cooking wares all over her back pack. Maran.
Maran was 21 at the time, long blue hair, soft brown eyes. Slightly bulky in figure. She saw the curious Kobold. And she approached her and gently patted her head and asked Rubella to come with her. Rubella fell immediately for Maran and followed her without hesitation. As she grew so did her love for her teacher and they developed a sexual relationship when she was 15.

A 4 years went and the couple just outside of Sharn. Maran said she needed to go find some good leeks and left Rubella all alone. She stood in place for half an hour waiting for Maran as she ran back huffing and puffing telling her to come with her. She seizes her and drags her toward a looming of black cloaks ahead. Maran ran straight into the wall of black and disappeared breaking grip of her hand. A week later, Maran was strung up and quartered in the center of middle level Sharn. She still doesn’t know why this happened.

She kills anyone who hurts the one she loves or likes be it human, goblin or elf.

Fellow Kobolds shun her because she chooses to wear a long blue wig.


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