Scarlett Meyneth

Bloodstained and stubborn mercenary


Age: 34
Race: Human
Eye colour: Grey
Skin: White
Tattoos: 2 Black Ram heads. One on each shoulder/upper arm
Height: 5’11"
Weight: 160 lbs
Hair: Shoulder length dark brown (Stained redish)


-Meyneth was born in Starilaskur, Her first kill at 10, Became a merc at age 13. Served for Rossen from 17-24. Ended her service for Karnath at 27

-She has little patience for the weak, mentally or otherwise.

-“Don’t pay, lose head” her most famous quote pinned to those who tried to screw her.

-A section of the silver flame on the border of Thrane tried to convert her in Nathyrr while on a mission as a 15 year old. 8 bodies were found later the same day with the letters
“N O T H A N K S”

-She served Karrnath in the great war though she doesn’t like the use of the dead to kill the living. Only the living has the right to kill other living beings.

-In between fighting in the war she attended brothels frequently, asking for the best men and women.

-Loves alcohol, smoking and the feel of money.

-She lead a group of 5 Named “Scarlet Rams” by Rossen. 3 of which died after a attempted coup after a pay dispute. The remaining 2 now live in Upper Sharn where they have a small child.

-The bastard sword she carries was taken from a fallen Thrane warrior who tried to protect her from a Karnathy soldier. Unfortunately he was mercenary under her command so she slit the Thrane man’s throat and took his sword.

-Traveled to Sharn by request of Rossen to watch a pupil of hers. The pupil seems unimpressive and disappointing however the payout would be huge if the job was done.

-She holds very little grudges as most don’t live long enough for her to hate them. (Except Jojo)

Scarlett Meyneth

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