Sunny Daylight

A happy go lucky girl who doesn't like adventurers.


Sunny Daylight was an ordinary girl who lived on a farm with her father, mother, and pet dog, Steven the Wonder Dog.

One day, Sunny’s father, Horace fell ill with an unknown disease, as they were a poor farming family and her mother Marisa was too old to go adventuring, she left in search of a cure, or the means to obtain one.

Sunny’s dislike of adventurers stems from the fact that most are unstoppable psychopaths who don’t care about sentient life, she strives to protect all (within reason) and hopes no-one falls upon an unfortunate death at the hands of other party members.

Sunny is a 5 foot 3 inch tall woman, she has green eyes, dark orange hair that reaches just past her shoulders, and quite a lot of freckles on her lightly tanned skin and no visible fat on her otherwise slim and slightly toned body, anyone who saw her with a short-sleeved or no-sleeve shirt on would notice that she has freckles all over her arms and probably the rest of her body.

Sunny can only be seen without a smile on her face around adventurers.

Sunny Daylight

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